Would you rather silent but deadly? 

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*the sound of raindrops and the smell of fir branches*

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Wild Saturday night in… #mylife

Wild Saturday night in… #mylife

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*Remus and Tonks losing Teddy in a crowded place*

"What does your son look like?"

"Good question"

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someone talk to me about books. I’m feeling sad and lonely and books are a happy thing.

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I have revamped my book blog and am going to make a concious effect to post regularly! I don’t have many followers on their compared to my main blog so it would be awesome if you could give it a follow or at least check it out :) Thank you!

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Dear Americans,

Please stop using Daily Mail articles. Stop citing them as sources. Just stop.

Its cool, you don’t know these things. That’s alright. But seriously listen for a sec.

The Daily Mail is Fox News. Its Fox News on a bad day. Every story is exaggerated, sensationalised, or downright made up.

It is not a newspaper that gives unbiased storylines. It is not a newspaper that gives accurate statistics. The Daily Mail lies.


The entirety of the United Kingdom